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Saskatchewan now has the Second Highest Small Claims Limit in Canada (and maybe the world)

So we know that on April 1, 2024, the Small Claim's monetary limit in SK increases to $50,000.00 that means that more claims will be eligible for litigation in the small claim's Court, this follows behind Alberta increasing their Limit to $100,000.00 last year. Simple research (based on Canada the US, Mexico, and the EU) shows that these limits may just be the highest small claims jurisdictions in the world, some us states top out at $20,000.00 (about $26k CAD today), and throughout most of Europe that cap is about 5,000.00 Euro (or +/- $7,500.00CAD).

Now when we think about increased limits in the small claims arena, it's helpful to make a comparison, the one I use in Alberta is what is the difference between $50k and $100k. It is literally the difference in trim package on a 2024 Chevrolet Blazer. This becomes more pronounced is Saskatchewan where the difference between $30K and $50 is one year of payments on some car loans. Rather than abandoning $10 or $15 to keep the claim in the Small Claims Court, with fewer procedural hurdles and far less time actually spend in litigation this represents a relief to lenders across the province.

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