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The perils of self representation

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

So sometimes I do work for other firms and this is one such occasion. On this chambers day I brought an application on behalf of my client to strike out some of the Defendant's Counterclaim because the Court lacked Jurisdiction to deal with those claims, in this case the Defendant was trying to assert remedies pursuant to the Business Corporations Act of course, that Act defines the Court as the Court of King's Bench, we were successful on that front. we were also successful in suppressing some 400 pages of documents disclosed by the Defendant. The purpose of disclosure is to ensure all relevant and material documents are disclosed to the other party, in this case the chambers Justice found in our favour striking almost 500 (492) pages of irrelevant and immaterial documents from disclosure, and a costs award to boot. Short answer never let pride get in the way of good representation.

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